Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Friends II

I haven't figured them out. Probably won't.

I haven't seen much of mine lately. I've been busy and so have they I guess. One thing I won't do is have people over for food and beer anytime soon. All the times I opened the house and threw impromptu parties I never asked for anything in return. Or offered to help my friends with anything, or never said no when help was asked of me.

Normally I wouldn't think about these things, but since I lost my job and haven't been working steady (these last two weeks are an exception) I figured I would get a call from someone wondering if there was something I needed or how I was doing. I know we're not the type of friends that would show up at somebody's house with a casserole, or anything. But come on, maybe an invite to come over for dinner or something. Even a half hearted phone call to ask how I was doing would be nice.

Ah well, I guess the only person I can really count on is myself.

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